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Privacy Statement – using Cookies and web


When you visit a page that uses cookies, there will be a small “cookie” text file generated in your PC or mobile device (including tablet) while you browse that page. When you visit the same page later again, thanks to the cookie file you will be able to connect to it faster. Apart from knowing it is you, the page will also offer you information according to your preferences and will ensure already seen ads not to be displayed again and/or it will enable you to log in without entering your password every time. In the case of filling-in identification data the cookie files offer you to fill-in the data you have provided by your previous visits on that website and in connection with these data there will be displayed a relevant content and offers with regard to your assumed activities and services you might wish to use.

Cookies files are used to analyse visit rate of our webpages by the means of services like Google Analytics, Google AdSense, LinkedIN etc. It is an analytical tool that helps webpage or application owners to understand how visitors used these webpages or applications. Cookie files can be used to collect statistical data about webpage use without having its individual visitors personally identified.

Legal base of processing

If we are able to identify a person visiting our webpage and record that, in such a case it is subject to personal data processing. For this type of processing, we must have a legal base one form of which can be your consent as an aggrieved person.

Which cookies are collected

Essential cookies – these cookies enable to use basic functions e.g. a registered user ́s login or Autofill forms. If you reject these cookies, we cannot guarantee you a full functionality of our webpages.

Preferences cookies – serve for identification of by you preferred activities you will deliberately perform at our webpages.

Operational cookies – these cookies are for analysing the visitor ́s behaviour at the webpage and then for improving its functionalities and design. If you reject these cookies, we cannot guarantee a full functionality of our webpages.

Marketing cookies – serve for optimizing of the displayed content and advertisement with respect to the visitor ́s custom practices and effectiveness of the sponsors ́ marketing communication. Thanks to these cookies you will not see an advertisements you are not interested in.

Third Parties Cookies – created and used by the services providers such as Google Analytics, Google AdSense, LinkedIN and others. These services are integrated into our webpages because we consider them useful and completely safe. Respective cookies settings can be found at their own webpages. Thanks to these cookies you will not see an advertisements you are not interested in.

Your personal data we might collect

  • Information about your visits of our website (www);
  • Information about connection IP address, about web browser you are using;
  • Information about your activities at our website.

Automated deciding and profiling

There is no connection established between aforementioned activities at our page and your person, so the automated processing does not affect your rights and freedoms. Similarly, there is no profiling performed by processing your personal data.

How to check the cookies settings

Cookies can be checked or deleted at your discretion. Detailed settings can be found at You can delete all cookies stored in your PC and most of the internet browsers can be set so that you prevent them from storing the cookies.

Cookies are useful unless being misused by the websites owners to collect unauthorized data collection. If you do not trust cookies functionalities, you can have them regularly deleted from your disk. In some cases information collected by cookies can be recorded incorrectly and thus causing problems with logging-in to our internet applications. Instructions for deleting all including incorrectly recorded cookies can be found below.

Instructions for deleting cookies in particular internet browsers

Recording your personal data

Your data are not transferred to the third countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and European Union (EU).

How long are the browsing data stored

We store information connected with the data from cookies in accordance with your consent you have granted us or in accordance with the term of contractual relation between us and your person. Combined data from cookies and our systems shall be stored for the period of 6 months.

Revoking consent

If we process your personal data as per the consent you have granted, you can revoke this consent anytime.

Contact details

If you wish to complain about how we process your personal data also in connection with the herein defined rights or if you have any other questions about your personal data processing, you can contact our statutory representative by email: and your suggestions and requests will be duly examined. Similarly, you can contact us in this respect by writing us via our company ́s standard contact places.

If you have a suspicion that a protection of your personal data was breached or if you assume we have been processing your data in violation of the law or eventually if you are not satisfied with our response to your questions or suggestion, you can contact a supervisory body, namely Office for Personal Data Protection, and you are entitled to initiate proceedings according to § 100 of the Act No. 18/2018 of the Coll. About Personal Data Protection. More information about Office for Personal Data Protection and about procedures for lodging complaints you find here:

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